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【World traveling Japanese handmade udon chef visits your kitchen. 世界を旅する本格手打ち讃岐うどん屋が、あなたのキッチンへ】 Bookings available from all over the world 世界中どこからでも予約お待ちしてます

(Udon challenge 47/1200)There are people who can naturally give hands to others 当然のことのように他者に手を差し伸べられる人が世界中にいる






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The very last workshop in Bangkok. Such a pleasure to be invited to many places in such country with a plenty of Japanese restaurants and amazing foods…khob khun krab!

One day in Bangkok, World traveling udon maker was hopeless without kitchen, even without an accommodation…. Obviously, no kitchen, no udon! But suddenly I received a Facebook message from a lady who haven’t met before, and said there is a room with kitchen that i can use in Bangkok. One day in Myanmar, I was drinking with few people who became good friends, and they asked me “where are you staying tonight?”. I said “ I haven’t decided” as usual… “Why not stay at my place?” one asked me, and eventually I slept in comfortable bed with nice mosquito net for the first time with Burmese family. One day in Nepal, I was in rush to head to the venue for my udon event, but most taxis refused because I guess I could only speak English…? But one guy on motorcycle talked to me, and took me to my destination. He said I don’t need money. I gave him Japanese candy instead. This world is filled with beautiful people.