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【World traveling Japanese handmade udon chef visits your kitchen. 世界を旅する本格手打ち讃岐うどん屋が、あなたのキッチンへ】 Bookings available from all over the world 世界中どこからでも予約お待ちしてます

2018/10/12 #tanimuraudonparty #vienna #austria








The host contacted me when I was in Germany and It’s not too much to say I came to Austria for this party! Passing by Innsbruck and Villach, I finally arrived to Vienna, the capital of Austria. Compared to tap water situation in other European countries, Austria offeres great quality of tap water coming from beautiful mountain which I can use for udon cooking and drinking as well. The host helped me with many things even before seeing each other and did some advertising in Vienna for me. Many from different coutries came to my party this time and they seemed to be very happy which made me really happy as well. Thank you all for preparation, organizing, and support!