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【World traveling Japanese handmade udon chef visits your kitchen. 世界を旅する本格手打ち讃岐うどん屋が、あなたのキッチンへ】 Bookings available from all over the world 世界中どこからでも予約お待ちしてます

No waves no surf 波のないとこで待っても波乗りはできない





Udon Challenge 234/1200 #azerbaijan #baku

Workshop for a family from Singapore! The host happens to be a professional chef serving dishes to Azerbaijani president in Baku. We talked about how we can collaborate in Malaysia!





Here I am in Armenia, country of beautiful ladies... oops, country of hospitality. Clayfish is their popular food!



No waves no surf

Few years ago in Australia I decided to start surfing as my hobby. It might be obvious for some, but it was actually a new lesson for me that waves don't appear everywhere, so you have to find a specific area where good waves come in to enjoy surfing. No waves no surf.

When hitchhiking, you need to wait at specific spot to stop a car. Routes that locals might pass by for shopping, or where tourists with lonely planet might drive through, or where big trucks might go through, are some of the places you can wait at. No cars no hitchhiking.

When one feels his or her life or travel is tasteless, I think there are two reasons. One, you are waiting in an area with no waves. Two, even though good waves are coming in, you are missing them because you have no courage or skill. You have to change an area to wait for waves in the first place to enjoy surfing. And with enough waves now you can make an attempt to surf. Find and go to a place with perfect waves for you.