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Have a habit to push yourself to the end 最後までやり切る癖をつけよう




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There is a plenty of hidden remains in Mexico. It took me an hour by boat to come to this beautiful ruin, Yaxchilan. I am not a big fan of ruins, but with this one, I felt like I am the first to find this hidden ruin, and I was very impressed.



Maya civilization is beautiful!



This place is so hidden that there are many monkeys that make very scary noise. Very few tourists. Many bats in the ruins. Creepy, scary and exciting.



A market of indegenous people in Mexico. Diverse tribes living in Mexico.




Murals in Mexico is an art, culture, and history as well.



Crossing the border of Mexico to Guatemala by a boat.



Have a habit to push yourself to the end 最後までやり切る癖をつけよう

Recently I feel like I have a habit of “giving up” before reaching to agoal that I set.

Few weeks, ago, I was again close to death in Bolivia lol

Near La Paz, there is a mountain nearly about 6000m where even beginners can try. But as a result, my groups(including some guides) encountered an unexpected blizzard in the middle of nowhere around 5000m high in the midnight. We were trying to climb up the nearly vertical snow-covered hill using an ice axe(?) and crampons I’ve never used while getting hit by blizzard, and I seriously thought I might die or get hurt or lost at some point. We had been walking up the mountain around 3 hours from where we departed already, and I didn’t want to give up since it was only 2 hours away to the top, but for the first time in my life, I asked the guide “Maybe we should go back down”. I thought I could never get die or hurt or lost here, because I’ve got lots coming up in my travel in South America, Eventually we decided to go down, but I heard some who went up could have reached to the top.

What I want to say here is that if I was a bit younger, I would have kept on climbing and actually reached to the top saying “I will be okay. I am young!”. Obviously it was literally dangerous so this is not the best choice to make, but I personally cannot like the way I was thinking in my head when I was in the blizzard. I was thinking “There wouldn’t be any clear views from the top in this blizzard anyway. I can imagine the view from 6000m, it shouldn’t be so different from 4000m.” I used to be able to become more motivated for something I’ve never seen before, but I now kind of tend to judge how the outcome will be just from my experience.

It’s totally a different story, but I saw this Japanese movie with a good reputation called “ One Cut of the Dead” recently, but I got bored and I gave up watching in the first 30min or so. When I said to my friend that I just gave up watching, he said that it gets so much interesting after few minutes from where I gave up. So I started watching again from where I stopped watching, and it actually got so interesting that I didn’t expect it to be the last time I watched it, and eventually after watching it to the end, I said “Such a masterpiece” …lol

I tend to give up in the middle of many things recently. Is this because I now reached 30 years old…?