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Your justice isn’t necessarily justice of others. Majority isn’t necessarily a complete justice. あなたの正義は、必ずしも誰かの正義ではなく、多数派が必ずしも正義でもない(3)



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Finally arrived to Mexico! (Geographicaly Mexico is located in the North America, so never say it's part of Central America! lol) After visiting African countries, access to any types of ingriedients are incomparably easy, but again, Mexico city is located above 2000m altitude...Not easy for a udon maker!



The real tacos! So yummy! Never got tired of it for a month. Never talk about Taco Bell here in Mexico! lol Like never talk about Starbucks in Australia lol



Bullfight is very controversial in terms of animal rights, but I was finally able to see it. There was no more bullfights in Spain. Yes it's bloody...



This is THE tacos shop atmosphere!



In Oaxaca, Mexico, eating grasshopper(?) is popular. It tasted like a dried shrimp. Very nutritious. Goes amazingly well with beers with this spicieness. 




Your justice isn’t necessarily justice of others. Majority isn’t necessarily a complete justice. あなたの正義は、必ずしも誰かの正義ではなく、多数派が必ずしも正義でもない(3)

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I keep going with this topic as I want to write more related to corona virus pandemic.

Obviously something like family, love, friends are important factors for everyone on the planet. But after traveling to various countries of the world, now I am more convinced that people’s believes and philosophies are different in every country.

For example in Japan, like I’ve written on the previous post, the sense of “Don’t cause troubles to others” is so strongly valued among all of the Japanese people. Every time I go back to Japan, I am overwhelmed by the number of prohibitions written on walls. One of the common reviews from tourists visiting Japan is “Too many rules”. Yes, I agree. Totally. Probably Japan in the only country in the world, where complying to “don’t cause troubles to others” is more important than doing what you really want to do. On the other hand, Japan is really strong when it comes to teaming up with others without causing troubles to others, as you could see how we did when we had a terrible earthquake, and also with corona virus now. We tend to not break rules, if breaking rules could cause trouble to others.

These are the cases of reactions with corona virus pandemic around the world. I was so convinced with every case.

In Italy, I’ve seen a news saying that Italian people are going out even under quarantine period. People say that they don’t care if they will be infected to corona virus. I can imagine Italian people saying this(no offense). Maybe it’s more important for them (for many people from latin countries) to “enjoy the moment under any circumstances”, because we all never know what will happen in the future. The situation could get better or worse tomorrow. Who knows. It’s justified for them.

In India, I saw a web article saying that Indian people are drinking cow urine for a cure or a prevention of corona virus. In Bangladesh or Malaysia, I saw a web article saying that a large number of Hindus or Muslims(?) are gathering in one place to pray for the god. I can imagine them doing all these things. Science is not everything. How can anyone justify that science is the most important factor?

There are many foreigners stuck in Bolivia like I am. One Australian guy stuck in Bolivia said, when we heard the news about 2 weeks quarentine, “I just need beers”. I laughed because his comment, right after an official announcement, was this! I was like “Oh you are the real Aussie!”.

As I mentioned above, people in every country have their own believes, philosophies, or so-called their own “justice”. We all cannot criticize the way people are because in a way every justice is justified.




例えば日本では「人に迷惑をかけてはいけない」という意識はめちゃくちゃ強いと思います。日本に一時帰国しても思うのだが、人に迷惑をかけないため(か?)、どこの壁を見てもおびただしい数の禁止事項が書いてある。これは観光客として日本を訪れた外国人が声を揃えて言う。Too many rules. いや、私も本当にそう思うよ。「人に迷惑をかけてはいけない」が「自分をやりたいこと」よりも重要視されるのは、世界でも日本くらいではないかと思う。一方で、震災の時もそうだったが、今回のコロナのような騒動の時、人に迷惑をかけないという意識のもと一丸となる強さを持っている、とも言える。




ボリビアには身動き取れなくなった私を含む数々の外国人がいるわけだが、とあるオーストラリア人が2週間の外出禁止令が出たと聞いた時、殆ど表情を変えず「I just need beers」と言った時、思わず笑ってしまった。オーストラリア人らしいなと思った(笑)