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Accept whatever happens, or else you will be trapped by your anger 怒りの増幅に歯止めをかけるには、受け入れること(1)





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After visiting Uganda, here I am in Kigali, Rwanda! This place is definitely one of the places in East Africa where people can relax with no risk of robbery or heavy traffic or anything. 



An hour drive away from Kigali, there is a very local makert where you can find anything. But most interesting is this plenty of fresh bananas!



These are lots of pineapples attached to a bicycle! These are vey juicy and delicious.



Beautiful Kitenge clothes, which you could find in most of East African countries. Very unique design that you could only find in this area.



Accept whatever happens, or else you will be trapped by your anger  怒りの増幅に歯止めをかけるには、受け入れること(1)

Traveling never stops me from saying " why the heck this happens?!". There are many incidents that make me say this. Seeking for peace of mind everyday, I feel like I want to be Buddha or something…

There are many stories to tell but just one example. It’s quite normal for shops to have no change when anybody does shoppings in this East African countries. Knowing that they wouldn’t have change, I try to prepare some coins so I can pay almost the exact amount of the price. Every time I pay with big note(something like 200 pound note in Egypt which is equal to 13USD), people in shops look at me with this attitude saying “Why do you even try to pay me with this big note? I obviously don’t have change! ”, so I don’t even try. I just feel like why do I have to be facing this issue here?

This is not the end of a story. I start thinking “why the heck am I getting angry to this kind of small problem here?”, and my anger starts to grow even more to myself. When I talk to another person under this kind of situation, I easily get irritated to this person as well, and I get frustrated of the fact that I am getting angry to this innocent person. This anger cycle never stops…!