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Whatever you do won't last long if you don't find a beauty in it 美しいと思えない活動は、続かない (2)




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After some parties and workshops,  YAMASEN staff and we all enjoyed soccer on the very last day in Uaganda! Thanks everyone!



How Kamapala city looks like up from a hill. Plenty of green compared to other surrounding countries.


But inside the city actually looks like this. Way too many motorbikes passing through between cars. Bad traffic…


I ordered a bento at YAMASEN. I felt like I traveling Kyoto in Uganda.


Whatever you do won't last long if you don't find a beauty in it 美しいと思えない活動は、続かない (2) 

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There is a Japanese restaurant which offers an authentic Japanese cuisine with a reasonable price in this small town called Dahab in Egypt. Even though the general price is gradually going up in Egypt, the owner of the restaurant does her best not to change the price on a menu because she would like to keep in the price range that backpackers can reach to. I thought the way she owns her business is beautiful. I imagine she could have continued her business for 10 years up till now because she was also the one who found the beauty in her business.

I believe everyone needs a bit of romance (I mean, not a “love” romance. More of something like a dream or beauty) to continue whatever he or she does. Something that keeps one always motivated is this emotion “ If I continue doing this, I can be so much cooler! “, or “If I do this, others will have better time/life!”. Any stories or ideas without this kind of romance sounds just tasteless.