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Never be cocky and look down on people 見下したら終わり(1)







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A lot more udon parties and workshops held in Nairobi! Performances and workshops held at a hotel, workshops for people from United Nations and digital nomads family and etc...







Never be cocky and look down on people 見下したら終わり(1)

I don’t feel comfortable when I see some foreigners living in Africa show attitudes of looking down on local people.

When I was having dinner in Uganda, Ugandan waitress started cleaning our table when I still had foods on my plates. I instantly thought “why would you do this?” because I was still eating, but in Uganda, I heard from people living in Uganda for long that it’s their manner to start cleaning tables when customer has stopped eating. This kind of experience makes me think how much I am expecting people to have the same values as I do.

Few days ago, Rwandan housekeeper washed my clothes and I found out that the clothes are still not completely dried. Again I wondered “why…” , but in Rwanda, it’s their style to do ironing the incompletely dried clothes because you never know when it starts to rain in a rainy season and also you could get worms on clothes when drying so you need to kill them with ironing. It really makes sense. I was just expecting others to follow the way I do, but it doesn’t work like this in other countries. When Rwandan people saw me looked irritated, they must have thought “why the heck do you look so irritated..?”. Encountering this kind of different values that people have, some people get irritated or start calling people stupid or terrible, but it actually applies to both us. In this kind of situation, we both think each other “stupid person”. I don’t know how many times I’ve felt that local people and I live with different styles and values while I am in Africa.