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Sense of contribution brings you happiness 幸福感の一つは貢献感(2)

Udon Challenge 283/1200 #kenya #nairobi

The first of numerous workshops that I will have in Nairobi...! Did you know that there are huge Indian communities in Africa? They are Indian descendants who are born and grew up in Kenya. Hope you all enjoyed! 




This is a school, located in a slum in Nairobi Kenya, where kids with no educational opportunies can actually go or stay to have complimentary education. Education has a power to offer kids options in their future lives, change the lives of next generation, and create positive cycles in the whole society. Quite an experience to have a chance to meet Japanese people working in this school and also even middle and high school students from Japan attending this slum tour.



Sense of contribution brings you happiness 幸福感の一つは貢献感(2)

 (↑Continuing from the last post/ 前回記事からの続き)


Knowing this relationship, the most important thing is whether or not you really REALIZE that what you do is helping people in any ways. To be honest, sometimes the outcome of whatever you do to help people is not the most important thing. It’s sometimes more important to FEEL what you do is contributing in making something better, than the actual outcome of it. In other words, we all should strive not because we want more “thank you”s from people, but to feel accomplishment/self-satisfaction/sense of contribution. This will eventually lead to enrich other’s lives, while we feel satisfaction from what we do.

So what leads us to satisfaction? I think the answer is you always need to take things seriously and give out 100% of what you have. If you don’t take it seriously, there is no satisfaction. In my case, I can’t just be too confident of my udon, satisfied with 80% of what I can do. I always need to aim for 100% and this mindset would lead to self-satisfaction (regardless of the actual outcome). When I feel satisfied of my udon, I start feeling a sense of contribution to people. Eventually this effort gives me “thank you”s from people.