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Sense of contribution brings you happiness 幸福感の一つはは貢献感(1)




Udon Challenge 277/1200 #tanzania #arusha

Very first workshop in Africa was held in Arusha Tanzania, located near one of the most famous safari national parks in Africa. It was my first time to do a workshop on a day I got the first message! She was so promt and decisive!





The slum in Nairobi Kenya, which is also introduced below. My first honest impression was even though there must be some difficulties, they look happy. 


Sense of contribution brings you happiness

It’s a difficult topic to write, which could bring up a controversy ( I apologize if any of you have felt uncomfortable)

Few days ago, I had a chance to visit a slum in Nairobi Kenya. Every time I visit a place like this, I get an impression that people in slum look happy. There must be some difficulties hidden, such as people starving or suffering from earning enough to make their livings, but I am sure that everyone in this world , regardless of living standards, faces different kind of difficulties.

These kind of issues in slum have brought some wonderful people from all around the world who wish to support slum lives in various ways including infrastructure, hygiene, education, technology and so on… I respect those people who take actions to change people’s live in positive way.

But at the same time, I feel like it is also true that those supporters find their meanings of lives through supporting people in slum. Some in slum are appreciative of the support, on the other hand side, there could be a possibility that some in slum may be feeling it’s unnecessary. So in short, while some people in slum are helped by the support, some are just letting supporters help them. While supporters are helping people in slum, they are blessed to have a chance to help people in slum. So in this supporters-slum relationship, there is a difference in living standard, but they both are actually helped by each other.

(to be continued to next post)