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Say hi first and you’ll see the different world 先手の挨拶は世界を変える(2)



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Cooked udon for Japanese world travelers! Some of them haven't been back to Japan for 5 years, so they looked very happy about my udon. They own a gueshouse in Tbilisi Georgia mainly targeting Japanese tourists, so please check the link below if you are interested!


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In Tanzania, everyone is so welcoming and they all say "karibu! (welcome! in swahili)".  It's a different feeling from hearing hi, and I felt very welcomed everyday!



 Say hi first and you’ll see the different world (2)

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Say hi first and you’ll see the different world 先手の挨拶は世界を変える(1) - World that World Traveling Udon Maker wants to see 世界を旅するうどん屋が見たい世界 

 In mountain areas, there is a subtle rule that we all follow, which is, to say hi to each other. This is unfortunately kind of lost in city life. Obviously this is not a must, so sometimes I pass by hikers without saying hi. Then they say hi to me. After testing some ways, I noticed it feels much better to say hi first.

When I was in Tanzania, there was a guy who says friendly hi to everyone no matter he knows them or not. Maybe because of his friendly attitude, it looked to me like people surround him and he is always in the center of world. Everyone in a town, including myself, all have very positive impression to him. He made me notice that it is so important to look into people’s eyes, with smiles and say hi to each one of them. It seems obvious but I think there is only a few who has a habit of doing this.

So what’s the difference of saying hi first or wait till others say hi to you? Greeting is something that you don’t have to do, so saying hi first is same as spreading love in a way. People who say hi first are giving out their love to the world, while people who are waiting are receiving it. I personally would prefer to be a person who can influence the world. If you are a person who says hi first, people would be always smiling to you, while if you are waiting, people might not be smiling because both might not say hi to each other. This means the world would look different depending on your behavior. It is so scary to imagine, for example with experience I mentioned in India and Iran, if I could have left those countries of images of people as “scary” or “annoying” just because I didn’t say hi to them and didn’t get to see their smiles. After learning that this kind of habit could change the world you see,I feel like I truly understood the meaning of what my parents had told me when I was a kid “Don’t forget to say hi to people”. 




Say hi first and you’ll see the different world 先手の挨拶は世界を変える(1) - World that World Traveling Udon Maker wants to see 世界を旅するうどん屋が見たい世界