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Sincere action from bottom of your heart hit our heart 純度の高い想いは心を射抜く





Udon Challenge 264/1200 #georgia #tbilisi

Introduced by the school in Baku, I was fortunate to be able to do school workshop in Tbilisi Georgia!






Drinking Georgian man introduced below. Every Georgian drinking party is intense..!


Sincere action from bottom of your heart hit our heart

In this hostel in Georgia, dinner starts out with everyone drinking a full glass of homemade wine or/and chacha (Georgian strong alcohol) in 3 seconds with this amazing Georgian man. This place made me feel like visiting my Georgian relative rather because this Georgian family treat guests with traditional Georgian homemade foods till we are more than full, and show us Georgian way of drinking such as drinking wine crossing our arms or drinking a glass of wine put on our forehead till we all get drunk.

This is not something that happen on special day. As the hostel is too famous among travelers, this 70 year old Georgian man does this almost everyday to welcome and treat travelers. I was rather worried about his health, but I guess he truly enjoy eating and drinking with foreigners from bottom of his heart. He probably would not regret if he dies from drinking, I assume.

This man’s very genuine and true action from bottom of his heart hit me. It’s close to the feeling when a small kid says something very simple but very true/pure.

This experience after all has become the most memorable one for me in Georgia. If someone like him and his family were living in every country, I felt there should be no hate speech or discrimination against anyone in this world. When I saw this Georgian man and foreign travelers drinking and dancing together, I thought that I am witnessing a lead to world peace. Even though what they are offering is minor thing that happens in a small house in a small town in Georgia, I believe something small like this would eventually create an enormous change to the world. I hope my udon events as well could have an impact like this to people.