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Every work done with sincerity is superb 誠意のある仕事はどれも無条件に良い仕事 (2)




Udon Challenge 170/1200 #azerbaijan #baku

Thanks to past workshop participants for spreading words, another workshop in Baku was organized  for people from Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Singapore and so on! Thank you all! I heard Indonesia and Azerbaijan have strong bonding as muslim countries(?).





Photos from Baku Azerbaijan. To be honest, in this big city Baku I was surprised to see the countless number of Azeri people as I didn not expect it... People show their skin and I do not see mosques (but I know there are) here so I do not feel like it is muslim country...Huge difference from Iran!



 Every work done with sincerity is superb  (continuing from the last post)

Traditionally hindus in India have restriction in choosing jobs that they would like to do, and are only allowed to do a job that are allocated to the caste you belong to. Generally speaking, lower caste people tend to do jobs that not many people would like to do. I was thinking that this is so not fair as their birth decides their future options, but I noticed if they could work and serve with sincerity, every work becomes a wonderful work, no matter what kind of job it is, what their preferences are. If you are putting your soul into your work and doing the best of what you can, there is no cool or uncool jobs, or upper or lower class jobs.

So what is “sincerity”? What does it mean to be sincere to people? In my opinion, it is an earnest action or attitude with respect and appreciation towards people. In short, it is an action from your heart.

Whether or not you are serving to people with sincerity is actually so obvious and visible from others than actually you think. Even though you make an attempt to hide it, people sense it from very minor facial expressions, word choices and tones.When I saw this Japanese lady working in her cafe in India, I couldn’t stop asking myself if I have been cooking for millions of people with true sincerity every time in this past few years.

One time, I was so busy with replying to countless emails from people who had interests in my udon making demonstration that I sometimes was not so careful about words and expressions in emails. Then one person pointed out that she wasn’t happy about how I replied. In this case, I guess she didn’t take what I did as sincere attitude.

Here I keep saying “work with sincerity (meaning general labor)”, but this could apply to general actions or behaviors, treating animals, plants, and things.


 誠意のある仕事はどれも無条件に良い仕事 (前回記事からの続き)