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Every work done with sincerity is superb 誠意のある仕事はどれも無条件に良い仕事 (1)







Udon Challenge 163/1200 #azerbaijan #baku

Party in Baku for people from Scotland, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and so on! Thank you for preparaing various toppings for our party!





Every work done with sincerity is superb

Especially nowadays people are putting their effort into finding a job that “they love”, and this seems like the most important thing for them. Recently, however, I started to think “working with sincerity” is more important than whether you love your job or not. Our goal should be to find a job that we can put our soul into it, and serve people with sincerity.

One time I saw a Japanese lady at her restaurant in India. She was explaining a menu with her knees on floor with respect to a customer, and I was impressed. She also made it her habit to say hi to her customers everytime when they make payment whether she is busy or not, and this habit started a conversation naturally. When customers leave, she never forgot to say “Have a fabulous day” and she really meant it everytime. I was overwhelmed. A typical restaurant business in general tends to be a routine of food and money exchange, but her restaurant was owned and managed with her soul.

Her restaurant started out in India, because she had a plenty of time to kill. This was an answer when I asked her why she started her restaurant. I was surprised by her answer, but what I do now started out for a same reason actually. I thought of what is the happiest way to spend this enormous time of my life, and my answer at the time happened to be “ traveling and communicating with people from all over the world using my skills”. This is why I do what I do now.

From this kind of experiences, I started to recognize that whether one likes his or her job is not the most important issue. If one can put his or her soul into whatever they do, every work is superb.

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