World Traveling Udon Maker's journey 世界を旅するうどん屋の旅

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Keeping yourself in best condition is powerful contribution to society 体調管理は最高の社会貢献





Udon challenge 137/1200
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The very first workshop in India was for 20 Japanese people living in Delhi! This person who had my udon in Australia spread her word about me on social media, and a host of today’s event contacted me when I was in Nepal, and this is how I got to India this time. Thanks to all your big support, every participants seemed happy. Thank you so much.







Keeping yourself in best condition is powerful contribution to society


In January, Bangkok’s temperature was more than 30 degrees. In February, I walked in the snow, up to height of my knees in Himalaya ranges in Nepal. In March, here I am in Rajasthan in India in the desert under scorching sun. I need to be careful in keeping up my health condition…


While I am on the street of my journey, I see people with similes and without smiles. People with smiles unconsciously spread love, but people with unhappy look unconsciously spread poison in our society…


One day in India, a hotel staff gave me an unpleasant attitude. This attitude made few hours of my day unpleasant. Possibly, this man was also given an unpleasant attitude by somebody else. Smiles make others happy, but unhappy attitude make others unhappy. In this sense, this sounds like a bit of exaggeration, but giving unpleasant attitude to someone else could mean invisible violence. People who talked to me afterwards might have been made unhappy by me.


Sometimes I think people under unpleasant condition should try not to see others on that day. One time I met a person when I was so exhausted. Because of tiredness, I couldn’t talk as usual. This person could have seen me as a boring person. I felt sorry for making the time boring , and at the same time, I knew I could have made our time better if I was full of energy.


I really believe that people need to rest at home by themselves when they are feeling unhappy. And on the next day, see friends when they are in better condition. In this way, everyone would have a better result. This sounds like a minor thing, but it is actually a powerful contribution to our society. If I am happy, you are happy. And ff you are happy, your friend is happy too. This is a very fundamental theory under human relationships.