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Money creates convenience, convenience reduces communication opportunities お金は生活を便利にし、便利さはコミュニケーションを削ぐ






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Workshop for female staff in Village Cafe at Kathmandu Nepal. Women in Nepali villages have traditional Nepali culinary cooking skills, but there weren’t many places to perform their talents. What Village Cafe does is to offer them places, and therefore more women could contribute to society with their unique abilitites. Dal baht and some other few dishes seems like the only traditional Nepali plates, but in this country with more than 100 minorities coexisting, there are lots of more traditional dishes hidden that are only served during some celebration seasons. In Village cafe’s menus, these kinds of hidden plates are on the list. I can’t wait to see how my udon workshop would give these ladies inspiration, and add some new breeze to the menu.


ネパール・カトマンズにあるvillage cafeさんで働く女性スタッフの方々にうどんワークショップをさせて頂きました!village cafeさんでは村の女性が持つネパール固有の料理のスキルを活かすためにカフェという場を与え、村の女性の社会進出を促す活動をされています。ネパールにいると、多くの人が日々食べているのはダルバートです。でも実は100以上の民族が共存しているネパールでは、チベット系、インド系、中国系の料理や、祭典のみに出てくる伝統料理等、数多くの料理があります。village cafeさんではそのような料理がメニューに並びます。そこで今回のWSを経て、スタッフの方々のスキルにより、今後うどんが彼女達にどのようなインスピレーションを与えていくのか楽しみです。




Money creates convenience, convenience reduces communication opportunities

Traveling could become much easier with money. When I visited a village in Nepali last time, I asked around but there was no bus to get to a village. Walking towards the direction of a village, I found one motorbike towards going to same direction and this guy took me to the place for free (Actually I asked him if 100rupees is okay but he said “no…it’s either 300 rupees or free”, which was very philosophical and made me think a bit…

This story probably couldn’t have existed if there was a plenty of money in my pocket to take a taxi. It could have been so much easier without walking on roads with sand dust and heavy luggage.If I’ve taken a taxi, this Nepali guy’s kindness was never felt and I could have lost a chance to think through this philosophical question.

From this kind of experience, I learn how money makes my life easier, but easy life could also mean reducing communication opportunities with people.

In some islands of Japan, youths long to go to Tokyo because urban life is more convenient compared to island life. But once they start their lives in Tokyo, some suffer from loneliness because rooms are clearly private and separate. There is not so much interaction with neighbors.

On the buildings in Kathmandu, I saw many boards that says “Learn Japanese and go to Japan!”. I assume it is telling that if you go to Japan, you get better pay and more convenient life than you do in Nepal. Other countries that were often mentioned were Australia, U.K, and Dubai.

I doubt whether their visit to Japan would really make Nepali people’s lives better. It’s great to manage their minimum medical expenses and living cost with money from Japan. But if they start to yearn for more convenient life, moving from village to city, life would be a full of entertainment and fun, but they would lose communication with family. It’s just one scenario. It could not happen. But what I am saying here is that it could happen too.