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(Udon challenge 64/1200) Amazingly chaotic country Nepal 最高にカオスなネパール







(With huge support by J’s Japanese cooking studio in Kathmandu Nepal, I could make my first udon party in Nepal successful! Including Nepali people, 20 people from all over the world participated. Thank you!)

 Here I am in Nepal where I was longing to come for years. Even in the most touristy area of Kathmandu, Thamel lets you encounter scenes of Nepali Buddhist and Hindus with traditional wears, and sometimes even wedding parade in the main street, which are hardly seen in major South East Asian country cities nowadays. I am a “local vibe freak” so something like these moment make me very excited. Such a chaotic country with people of different facial features (Mongoloids, Aryans…) and various types of foods which make me think of Tibet, China and India.


(ネパール・カトマンズにあるJ’s Japanese cooking studioさんにて、皆様の多大なるサポートのもと、ネパールで初うどんを作らせていただくことができました!ネパール人含む様々な国の方々にご参加頂き、久しぶりの20人規模の会となりました。ありがとうございました。)