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Accept every favor from people 人からの好意にちゃんと甘えよう






Udon challenge: 27 out of 1200! 1200 udon eaters all around the world in 2019!

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The way to continue journey happily? One of the important tips for me is to “accept every favor from people”. Fortunately many people in different countries offered me various things and words numerous times, but I have been receiving everything no matter regardless of my preference. It’s because favors from people are the beginning of communication and relationship with people.  In my case, I have no joy in my journey if I couldn’t find any communication with people. It’s also a fact that anyone would die (figuratively) if a person continued traveling without having any communication with people.

So I was offered three glasses of tequila tonight by the host of my workshop…what’s the reason for not taking them? lol I love any kind of alcohols so I was happy, but it was my first time having 3 glasses of tequila before and after my workshop! Thank you for the amazing party!