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【World traveling Japanese handmade udon chef visits your kitchen. 世界を旅する本格手打ち讃岐うどん屋が、あなたのキッチンへ】 Bookings available from all over the world 世界中どこからでも予約お待ちしてます

Reviews of Tanimura udon by my guests in Israel イスラエルで谷村うどんを食べてくれた方々からのレビュー


Lots of people enjoyed Tanimura Udon in Israel as well. Thank you so much for your support. Reviews from my guests are below. Looking forward to seeing you all again somewhere in this world!



★Amazing workshop & experience!!!!Highly recommend!! #Udon

★Jon was a great house guest and his noodle workshop was informative as well as fun and entertaining for our family and friends. We wish Jon well on his continued travels around the world!

Invited TANIMURA UDON to my house in Jerusalem for two times: party plan and workshop plan.
I am “SANUKI Udon mania” (I used to live in Kagawa prefecture for 8 years).
His Udon noodle is great “Al dente” and yummy!
He also was good Udon trainer who taught us by easy and clear explanation.
We had a fun with stepping on, cutting and eating Udon.
Cheer up! Go for it! I’m sure you’ll achieve your goal; make a peace beyond countries by traveling and making Udon!

★An amazing and fun workshop!

★We had a great workshop with Jun, it was a really great time! very informative and a very fun night. Everyone enjoyed it very much.

★Hosted an udon workshop in Jerusalem, was so much fun! Jon made udon making an accessible experience, I'll definitely be making them again