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2018/11/11 #tanimuraudonworkshop #jerusalem #israel







Young Israeli man who used to be a sushi chef invited his friends from school and WS with young Israeli people were held! Now I am 29 years old, but my guests today were younger than me and they carried tables from their schools and the WS was lots of fun with a lot of screaming and roaring...(dont know why lol). Not only the udon making but they also learned how to hold chopsticks properly and how to slurp noodle lol. Udon, based on wheat flour, is not a challenging food for anyone in the world as there are many foods from each country based on wheat flour(Israel has bread made of wheat flour called pita or laffa). People seemd to like udon so much that even some took their handmade udon back home for their family. Thank you so much for prep and support!