World Traveling Udon Maker's blog 世界を旅するうどん屋のブログ

【World traveling Japanese handmade udon chef visits your kitchen. 世界を旅する本格手打ち讃岐うどん屋が、あなたのキッチンへ】 Bookings available from all over the world 世界中どこからでも予約お待ちしてます

【For hosts】Quick check list for Tanimura Udon events

【Required for party】
-Tap water
-Waist height table (Please clean the table before event starts)
-Big pot (Multiple pots help but not a must)
-big bowl
-chopsticks for number of people (forks are okay as well)
-bowls to eat for number of people
-10 litres of soft mineral water (only if you wouldn’t like to use tap)
-ice (only if tap water isn’t cold enough)


【Required for workshop】
-all above
-rolling pins for number of people
-mixing bowls for number of people ×2 (one bowl has to fit two hands, one bowl can be smaller)


-Udon toppings (recommendations: tempura, deep fried chicken,natto, eggs, okra, wakame, fried beef, nori, sesame seeds, cucumbers, kimchi, curry soup, chilli, wasabi, bonito flakes…)
-any types of drinks (beers and sake are recommended for udon)
-If you could buy spring onion, ginger and white radish beforehand, and cut spring onions to small pieces and grate ginger and white radish, that would be greatly appreciated.


※Tanimura Udon events can be organized thanks to hosts' support. I can serve my udon in the country I’ve never visited because you organize an event, invite people, and let me use your kitchen. Thank you very much for all your kindness and support. Please let me know if you have any problems or questions and please relax and enjoy the time on the day of event.