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イギリスで谷村うどんを食べてくれた方々からのレビュー Reviews by people who had my udon in U.K



Lots of people enjoyed Tanimura Udon in U.K as well. Thank you so much for your support. Reviews from my guests are below. Looking forward to seeing you all again somewhere in this world!


★Jon makes excellent udon Noodles here in Liverpool. His visit to Warrington was very enjoyable. We hope that he will come back some day.
We had several families at the event and the children enjoyed it as well.


★イギリス北部にあるJapan Society North Westと共催でウォーリントンと言う場所で、この度ジョンさんをお招きしてうどんパーティのイベントを開催しました。リバプールマンチェスターなど広範囲に渡って美味しいうどんを食べたい日本人の方や日本食が好きな現地の方々、うちも含めて小さな子供達がいるお母さん達など様々な方々が集まりました。子供達はイギリスで生まれてイギリスで育っていくと思うのでなかなかうどんを一から作って食べるという事を見せる機会はないので、今回ジョンさんのデモンストレーションに加え、うどんを踏む体験や特別な包丁で切る機会を見せる事ができて楽しい会になりました。また、普段小食な息子も何杯もおかわりをして食べていて9ヶ月の娘もパクパクと食べていたので子供でも美味しい物って分かるのだなぁと感心しました。またぜひ来て頂ければと思っています。
We enjoyed the Udon noodle party in Warrington in UK. It was really great experience for children who were born in UK and they’ve never seen how to make Udon noodle before. We enjoyed stomping on Udon and cutting them. We had hot noodle and cold noodle with variety of toppings. If Tanimura san is coming back to UK in the future we’d like to do the event again.


★Hi! Recently I celebrated my 50th birthday and invited Tanimura udon as a special guest. My guests, who are interested in Japanese language and culture, really enjoyed Jon’s Udon party. I would like to share some message from them:
- Thank you for the lovely party, the noodle chef was great. H
- Thanks a lot for inviting us yesterday, it was a lovely party and we loved the udon demonstration and everything was delicious. E
- Thank you for the wonderful party yesterday! We had an amazing time, and we got to eat authentic Udon for one more time, after our Japan trip! S
- The udon chef was great! What a different experience! Jon was lively and engaging and the noodles were fantastic - would recommend to anyone looking for a party with a difference and some very delicious food. C
- Hi Mayumi, thank you very much for inviting me, I really liked experiencing the japanese culture! thank you again for the party I enjoyed it loads :) L
- We were lucky enough to be at a Birthday Celebration where Jon Tanimura was demonstrating his Udon Skills. His presentation was fun and informative and we all enjoyed trying out the Udon cutter and walking on the Udon Dough to flatten it out. It was really great that Jon shared his journey from his job in Marketing/Advertising to becoming a Travelling Udon Chef. Once the Udon were prepared we were all treated to a feast - trying our Udon with various toppings. We tried both hot and cold Udon and were surprised at just how good the cold Udon tasted. Jon will be travelling all over Europe – so if you get the chance you should try to meet him and taste his Udon.” Thank You, Jon from The S family, Cambridge UK
I am grateful to have had this opportunity. I highly recommend both the udon party and Workshop!


★Lovely guy and the tastiest noodles! Such a fun night