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2018/3 World is beautiful!/ オーストラリア・ビクトリア州 世界は美しい!/Australia VIC










I've got a message from Ms.C whom I visited for udon workshop in 2017/8 in Australia Victoria.


Ms.C "After you left, my son started showing interest in udon making and he introduced udon making in his Japanese culture introduction school project. We created a short clip of how to make udon from scratch. All teachers and students loved the taste of udon and I felt that I made a good decision when I asked you to do workshop for us. Always wishing you the best from Victoria "


Ms.C "Students especially were surprised of the stepping part and loved it"








So Ms.C, who took my udon workshop, introduced udon making on the short video when her son had this culture introduction school project.


I am super happy to hear this story as I feel like what I have been doing actually has had influence on someone in some way even after I left the place. Looking forward to seeing more of this movement and spread of Tanimura Udon community all over the world.