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2017/10/5 See you again Melbourne! #melbourne #australia









Finally I left Melbourne where I stayed for 4months, and now safely arrived to Perth, West Australia. In Brisbane, I came up with my udon recipe. Gold coast, free sampling my udon in Gold coast because there wasn’t many who bought my udon, Sydney, many udon parties offers and few one-day popup collab with restaurants. Coffs Harbour, two big udon workshops again collaborating with restaurant. And in Melbourne, I set 2 clear plans udon party and udon workshop, hand-made Tanimura Udon beautiful homepage, and more than 500 people had my udon just in Victoria! Such a long journey to come to this stage! Thank you all who showed interest in Tanimura Udon and giving me a chance to meet you all! 


Now I am again back to an unknown lonely traveler in Perth as I was in June when I first arrived to Melbourne. But I believe that I will be able to make my time rich and valuable by support from locals again…My travel continues…


Yesterday, thanks to all your shares and word of mouth, a person who found me out on Facebook thankfully came to pick me up from Perth airport at late night, and now offering me a room to stay in Perth. She says that she was supported and helped by Japanese people in Japan when she was studying in Japan, so she would like to give the love back to Japanese people. It really made me think that I have to keep in mind to spread the love from her and you all to my future encounters. So, good start! To all Tanimura Udon fans in Melbourne, see you again somewhere in the world!