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A beautiful story of Tanimura udon 谷村うどん物語 

Tanimura always loved traveling around the world since my university years. Failed in love for the first time in my life, I decided to go to India and this has become a trigger to start my life as backpacker. Especially loved the style to settle at one place for few weeks or a month and live with locals and learn their culture, history and living. After spending middle school and high school years in U.S,  India was my first country to visit overseas by myself in my life, but I used a month of my life to settle in India. I kept on wondering around Asia, Europe, Africa, South America by himself like a gypsy and finally found himself accomplishing to visit all continents except for South pole by the time he noticed…lol
It might sound a bit cliche, but the reason I loved this style was because I really enjoyed communication and connection with people at every place I visited. Bumping into scenes of local lives and simply observing are interesting, but when I spent time and felt a strong connection with them are the moments I get eye opening realization and inspiration the most. Pondering “this man captures his life differently from how I do” or “wow, how can she be so nice to me?” , I find myself getting a massive positive impact and those pieces of words they told me creating a part of me(Sometimes I receive negative one as well). I still remember those impactful moments, and what a person in India has told me, what a Chinese lady has told me, what a old Aussie man has told me. It just happened to be the time I was having my lunch or strolling the street at that place and moment, we happened to exchange some words and happened to get along. When I encounter these moments, I just feel that it was mean to be. Such a lucky and happy moment of my life to encounter those people by a chance and gifted an experience to look back of our old times. Similar to the feeling I have toward my family in Japan. I dream of creating this wonderful utopia in my life having those nice people all around the world.
Then  after quitting my former job, I happened to start learning about udon in Kagawa prefecture where udon is especially famous. I named myself “Tanimura udon” since most udon restaurants in Kagawa take their surname as the name of their restaurant and add “udon” after. Loved noodle generally. Loved food with great texture. Loved creating things and working diligently. Loved seeing people being happy from work I’ve done. These factors urged me to start my udon business, but now after visiting so many places and visiting families to serve my udon, " visiting somewhere I’ve never visited and encountering wonderful people” has become my biggest motivation that kept me going. There are people when I visit houses to make udon. There are people at my workshop. There are people when I open my one day popup restaurant. There are people when I am offered an accommodation at someones houses. There are countless number of opportunities to encounter new people in my present life and I am always keen to meet some wonderful people through udon making, like the ones I met through my past journey(so I am always willing to talk and spend time together with people I meet regardless of their backgrounds). I just think that it would be amazing world to live if I was surrounded my those gorgeous people and could build intimate relationship with them. Ofcourse I earn when I can. But what I am seeking is this utopia and everyday fulfillment. Pushing myself to brush up who I am, I am now glad by the fact that I have been encountering nice people and it gives me confidence. Building this sort of relationship is one of the ways to survive in this modern society, I know it has been making people’s lives richer in the past as well.
It would be great if someone whom I met got an inspiration from what I do(In fact, one of the calligrapher I met through udon making journey drew words "Tanimura Udon” in Japanese on board, supporting what I had been doing. Always keen for collaboration or contribution from skilled creator!). More than happy if those people start showing curiosity into who I am, after interested in what I do.