Tanimura udon My wishlist 私が欲しいものリスト

-Flight ticke to Perth or Newzealnd or Tasmania or Sydney or somewhere in Europe

-Strainer ※I've got one.thank you! 


-japanese sake



-any kind of alcohollllll!!!!

-umbrella ※I've got one.thank you! 

-fishing paraphernalia

-small or foldable bicycle

-sim free smartphone that has a better spec than iphone4. Android is welcome as well.

-instant coffee that you recommend

-Murakami haruki book

-chikirin book

-any great books you recommend

- Heat tech by uniqlo (any type of thin and thermal wear top and bottom)

-hair drier

-any great food in Australia that you recommend

- Udon toppings (shallots, ginger, white radish, sesame seeds, cut seaweed, bonito flake) 

-Shim ramyun 



-canned tuna, mackerel

-sparkling water

-coles or woolworth 75 cent/1kg plain flour(heaps)


-table salt(heaps)


-tapioca starch (heaps)


-any cool and stylish bowls or plates suited for udon

-ziploc(large size 30cm or more...)

-bread for sandwich